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Germany issues bonds with negative interest

Investors are now paying to own German bonds, as they flock towards safe havens amid Brexit fears and turbulent stock markets. The ECB’s quantitative easing program further pushes down interest rates on sovereign debt.

Deutsche Welle

Redirecting the ECB’s financial firehose

A European Union advisory group representing nearly 400 business, labor and civil society organizations wants the European Central Bank to redirect its money creation powers toward funding new EU infrastructure. Meeting in Brussels, a couple of dozen sober-suited economists and other experts have quietly called for a revolution in the way the EU runs its …

Deutsche Welle

Costs of future government borrowing bogged down by uncertainty

Return rates on government debt tools have been steadily increasing since former president Mohamed Morsi’s constitutional declaration on 22 November 2012, a fact which has been compounded by repeated credit downgrades seen since the outbreak of the January 25th revolution by international rating agencies.

Daily News Egypt