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The public sector heavily influences where the direction taken by the Egyptian book industry Hassan Ibrahim

Book exports deprived of financial subsidies: head of ECBA

One of the biggest challenges that the publishing industry in Egypt is facing is the lack of government subsidies to finance such an important industry, impeding from reducing the burdens it is facing. Unfortunately, even Egypt’s publication exports—book exports in particular—also do not receive any type of support, especially financial subsidies, according to Ahmed Helal, …

Daily News Egypt

Rare book that describes Egypt to be auctioned at Christie’s

A rare authentic book, Description of Egypt, is to be auctioned at British auction house Christie’s on 29 May with an estimated price range of €300,000–500,000. The original version of the rare book describes Egypt’s landscapes, culture, and traditions through the eyes of the French army during its expedition. The book is the first descriptive …

Daily News Egypt

New book unveils secret memoirs from Naguib Mahfouz’s life

A new book about the prominent late Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz, Days with Naguib Mahfouz, was released on Thursday 22 February, telling untold stories of Mahfouz’s life. Written by critic-cum-author Fathy El-Ashry, the book is comprised of real life situations and conversations that Mahfouz had with his friend El-Ashry. It also recounts Mahfouz’s life after …

Daily News Egypt

The Hole

The author, Adel El-Agwany, is a psychiatrist. This piece of information may serve as an explanation for what this exceptional novel puts the reader through. The Hole is a book about a man who loses his mind while reading a book called The Hole which in turn is about a man who loses his mind …

Nouran Maamoun

The Book of Saladin: A Novel by Tariq Ali

The Book of Saladin

The novel is not action-packed in the conventional sense of the word, nor does graphic detail seem to be Ali’s style. Rather, its beauty lies in the simple philosophy that characterizes Saladin and the narrator’s meetings, the voice of dissent and skepticism that is one of Saladin’s wives and all the other tiny details that slot together into a rich mosaic of this often-misunderstood era.

Ahmed Khalifa

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