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Latest in Tag: Books

Music, architecture, books and film: A 2019 culture preview

Berlinale, Biennial, Bauhaus: If you like culture and you like to travel, 2019 could be your year. A look at Europe’s cultural highlights across the next 12 months.After visiting Madrid's Prado Museum in 1865, French painter Edouard Manet wrote to a friend: "How I missed you here so, and how large your joy would have …

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Mel Brooks, master of the parody, turns 90

From horror films to historical dramas, Mel Brooks has poked fun at every film genre in the books. After parodying Hitler and the Nazis in the 60s, he didn’t shy away from anything else. Brooks turns 90 on June 28.

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Rewriting textbooks in India, a hidden agenda?

A debate has broken out over attempts by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party to “Hinduize” the educational system, root out liberal influences and in some cases to re-write history. Murali Krishnan reports from New Delhi. A concerted move is underway in the north Indian state of Rajasthan to revamp the education syllabus in schools in …

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5 must-read books to travel around the world

In the lead-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair, DW’s Sabine Peschel has compiled a list of essential reads that go way beyond the touristic postcard, documenting social and political transformations abroad. Chigozie Obioma: ‘The Fisherman’ Welcome to the Nigerian town of Akure. The Omi-Ala was once a clean river, worshipped by the inhabitants of Akure …

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New arrivals on the shelves

The Cedar Revolution, Youth Participation and Youth Organisations in Lebanon’s Post Intifada By Omar Bortalazzi The John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement published this month its latest research “The Cedar Revolution, Youth Participation and Youth Organizations in Lebanon’s Post Intifada”. The research examines the role of civil society after the uprising caused …

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