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Border: observing the moral crumbling of human civilisation

The makeup artist in the film successfully played a great role, in drawing a picture of the female protagonist’s wide forehead and nose, visible body hair,  prominent teeth, things that characterised her as a ‘weird’ person, if compared with ‘mainstream’ looks of other human beings.

Adham Youssef

How the US-Mexican border has inspired cinema

While Trump hasn’t lost sight of his proposed wall on the US-Mexican border, the region has inspired filmmakers for centuries. Some of their films are being shown in Berlin – a city that has experience with walls.Considering Hollywood’s proximity to the Mexican border, it’s not surprising that US cinema has dedicated countless films to the …

Deutsche Welle

EU interior ministers fail to agree on refugee deal

EU interior ministers were supposed to agree on a relocation scheme for refugees. But they split up without even coming to a common conclusion, postponing any decisions to October. Andrea Rönsberg reports from Brussels. In the end, Luxembourg’s minister for immigration and asylum was proven wrong. “I am convinced that we can muster the power, …

Deutsche Welle