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Bread rolls from Bosnia

Sarajevo’s Klas bakery benefits from trade with the EU. It’s one of the few Bosnian economic success stories. Conditions are tough for businesses, as Daniel Heinrich reports from Sarajevo.

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Bosnian police arrest 11 people linked to ‘Islamic State’

Police in Sarajevo have arrested several people suspected of “financing terrorist activities” for the “Islamic State.” Prosecutors said evidence linking the suspects to the militant group was uncovered during the raids. More than 100 Bosnian police officers on Tuesday participated in raids across the Sarajevo metropolitan area in a crackdown on elements of the “Islamic …

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In memory of Srebrenica: An endless dispute

By Maydaa Abou Nadr It all started in early 1992. A year after the secession of Croatia and Slovenia from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991, the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested its independence. At the time, Bosnia and Herzegovina was divided as follows:  Muslim Bosniaks represented 44% of the community; …

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