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Latest in Tag: Boston

New York, Los Angeles set for Copa America

Tournament organizers of the Copa America Centenario have selected US cities New York,  Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle as some of the metropolitan areas to host the centenary event. Ten US host cities have been confirmed by tournament organizers and governing associations of North and South America for the 2016 Copa America Centenario. The intercontinental …

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Boston quits race for 2024 Olympic games

A bid for Boston to host the 2024 Olympics has been withdrawn, with officials citing a lack of support among residents. The US Olympic Committee must make a fast decision if it wants another city in the running. US Olympic Committee chief executive Scott Blackmun and the leader of Boston's 2024 bid, Steve Pagliuca, made the announcement in a joint…

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Facts are stubborn things

On 5 March 1770, British soldiers killed five civilians in Boston, Massachusetts in what Americans would call the “Boston Massacre”. The incident happened within the larger context of escalating polarisation between factions calling for American independence and those loyal to the British Crown. Leading up to the trial of eight British soldiers, the polarisation was …

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Justice in Boston and Cairo

By Mina George Yassa Watching the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers unfold live on TV, I cannot help but feel a certain sense of awe at the precise and methodical nature of law enforcement in the United States. At times, even in between the conflicting reports and hearsay, there was certain senses of inevitability …

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The Protocols of the Elders of Moqattam

The dust had barely settled in Boston last week when, like virulent microorganisms, conspiracy theories began to multiply exponentially on cyberspace in an attempt to ascertain who was responsible for the bombings—and, in keeping with the genre, some of the answers were typically atypical. The human mind is a pattern-finder par excellence, like no other …

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Cherish freedom

By: Philip Whitfield How do you feed your prejudice? Choosing what bits to read? Or who to hang out with? It’s an infectious disease. One minute you’re as tolerant as can be, the next you’re ranting about someone’s views. We are all united in a crisis, says Nancy Taylor, pastor of the Old South Church …

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Boston and the Arab World: Where the Bombs Begin

By Jonathan Moremi When I saw the second plane fly into the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 – there was shock on my face and horror. Not, because this happened to the US, but because I knew that this happened to humans. The single mother battling hard with her two children after her …

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