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EU mulls meat imports ban from Brazil

Amid a corruption scandal over the sale of rotten food, China has put a stop to the import of meat from Brazil. The EU may follow soon. Brazil’s government is trying to assure consumers there has been no health risks.The threat to Brazil’s reputation as the world’s biggest beef and poultry-exporting nation keeps growing. Both …

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Brazil tries to contain damage from meat scandal

Amid a scandal over the sale of rotten meat, Brazil’s government has been bending over backward to assure foreign consumers there has been no health threat. The president himself chose to deal with the matter.In a desperate move to prove that Brazilian meat was safe, President Michel Temer on Sunday night invited ambassadors to a …

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Olympics boosted Brazil to tourism record

Brazil saw a record number of international tourists in 2016, boosted by the Olympic Games. Some 6.6 million foreign tourists visited the country in Latin America.Hosting the Olympic Games in 2016 boosted tourist numbers to a new record for Brazil, the Tourism Ministry said. Some 6.6 million foreign tourists visited Brazil for the first Olympic …

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Dozens dead in Brazil prison riot

A riot in a jail in northern Brazil has left at least 56 dead and resulted in the escape of more than 150 prisoners. This marks the latest clash between the country’s two biggest gangs – and the deadliest in years.

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Dilma Rousseff’s last chance

Can Dilma Rousseff avoid impeachment or will Brazil’s first female president be the first to be deposed? A final vote will decide her fate. DW’s Astrid Prange reports from Rio de Janeiro.

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Egypt’s dream team: handball keeping hopes up in Rio

In Egypt, the national football team has always monopolised the spotlight of the country’s sports scene, supported and cheered for by the population and officials. This year, and especially with the Rio Olympics taking the sports world by storm, the spotlight has started to shine on other team sports, specifically handball. Winning the 2016 African …

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Brazil promises to present outstanding Olympic Games

There are 11,360 players participating in the ongoing Olympic Games, competing in 28 sports. Brazil dedicated about 47,000 police officers and 38,000 soldiers to be stationed at the events in order to guarantee the safety of 500,000 visitors who came to witness the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro witnessed a magnificent opening …

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Brazil fire coach Dunga

After a dismal performance at the Copa America, the Brazilian national team have promptly given Carlos Dunga the sack. There was no immediate word about who would take over and lead the team into the Summer Olympics.

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