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BRICS wants to tap more into own potential

Diamonds and oranges: Five countries that jointly represent at least 40 per cent of the world’s people and GDP discussed details of economic collaboration at the 10th BRICS summit in South Africa.”The first decade saw BRICS cooperation getting off the ground and bearing rich fruit. The next decade will see faster changes in the international …

Deutsche Welle

New Horizon

It seems to be quite obvious that the regional and international alliances currently in place are, in essence, a blunt expression of the anti-globalisation trend that can by now be seen very clearly, even if we were to disregard very apparent examples like Britain’s exit from the European Union and the isolationist policy of the …

Mohamed Shirin El Hawary

Hunt is on for new emerging tigers: MINT, PPICS and CIVETS

AFP – For more than 10 years the rise of big emerging markets has re-shaped the global economy but these are now slowing with maturity, and the hunt is on to identify which upstarts will be tomorrow’s tigers. The big five, which recently helped the world through financial crisis but are now experiencing marked growing …

Daily News Egypt

The cracks in the BRICS

By Brahma Chellaney NEW DELHI: As it prepares to hold its latest annual summit in New Delhi on March 28-29, the BRICS grouping — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — remains a concept in search of a common identity and institutionalized cooperation. That is hardly surprising, given that these countries have very different political …


Thick as BRICS

By Jorge G. Castañeda MEXICO CITY: When the United Nations voted for what was known as partition and created the State of Israel 64 years ago, subsequently granting it full membership, several Latin American countries — Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Honduras — abstained, or, in the case of Cuba, voted against the relevant resolutions. …


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