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Britain's Queen: Christmas message 'needed more than ever'

Queen Elizabeth II appeared to lament the current era of divisive politics, including Brexit, calling on people to “respect” one another. Britain’s monarch has made a Christmas Day speech almost every year since 1952.Britain's Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday stressed the importance of treating those with opposing views with "respect and as a fellow human being," …

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A musical tale of when Britain interned German refugees

At the height of World War II, thousands of German and Austrian nationals in the UK were rounded up and sent to internment camps. But at one camp, art helped internees maintain hope and express their refugee experience.When Paul Humpoletz was born on June 21, 1940 in London, his father was sitting behind barbed wire …

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Will Brexit be bad for biodiversity in Britain?

All certainties on environmental protection have been cast into doubt as the UK leaves the EU. The move could yet be a boost or a curse for Britain’s wildlife, which has been in steady decline.Thousands of seabirds cling to the cliffs, their high-pitched calls carried far across the water by the strong wind. Volunteers talk …

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Britain’s new 1-pound coin goes into circulation

Just before officially triggering the Brexit process, Britain is marking the launch of a new 1-pound coin with a 12-sided shape. It’s believed to be one of the most beautiful and most secure coins in the world.Britain’s new 1-pound coin with the symbols of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland goes into circulation as of …

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Britain needs a competiveness shake-up

I love England. Always have and always will. I am never happier than when there is a carpet of snow covering the garden and fields surrounding my country home or just out for a stroll with friends along the lush green banks of the Thames watching the swans. Peace, perfect peace! Great Britain for me …

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