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The Price

  The return of Naguib Sawiris to Egypt, along with the entire Sawiris Family, has raised some eyebrows on both sides of the political divide in Egypt, especially given that the Presidency sent a special envoy to welcome him back and hailed him as one of the “honest businessmen of Egypt” in an official statement. …

Mahmoud Salem

Easter and Islamists

Sometimes I have to go through excruciating pain to try and write in English about the basic rationale of Egyptian folk wisdom. While I always manage to convey the basic points behind such statements, there is a specific sense conveyed by these statements in Arabic. I say this because the amount of debate that took …

Ziad A. Akl

The dead of the Salem Express

Out of all the dive sites in the Red Sea, the Salem Express wreck is known among divers as the most depressing. In 1991, the passenger ferry carrying pilgrims back from Saudi Arabia sunk 18 metres under the turbulent waters of Safaga’s sea, killing all most of its passengers Resting on its side, the twisted …

Sara Abou Bakr

Review: Bassem Youssef’s interrogation and Al-Azhar University incident occupy writer’s attentions

Columnists in major Egyptian newspapers discuss the recent summoning for questioning of satrist Bassef Youssef and the fierce attack of Islamists on prominent artists and comedians. Also occupying the column inches was the food poisoning debacle at Al-Azhar University, which ended with the dismissal of the university’s president. Writers argue that the poisoning of more …

Ethar Shalaby

Egypt lifts cooking gas prices, why it’s trivial

By Farah Halime How fitting that on April Fool’s Day, the Egyptian government attempts to deceive us all by claiming that its plans to raise the price of state-subsidised cooking gas for the first time in two decades will actually make any difference to the country’s energy subsidy spending. In fact, it won’t, and it is unlikely …

Daily News Egypt

Strange Days…

Think tankers and policy researchers working on Egypt in the States do not know what to make of all of this

Mahmoud Salem

Reactionary not progressive: Egypt’s economic policy

By Farah Halime In a desperate move to save power, Egypt’s international airport will close most of its runways for four hours each day from early June, Reuters has reported. The airport is the latest casualty of Egypt’s struggle to pay for fuel imports. As if to soften the blow, Reuters quoted the civil aviation minister Wael al-Maadawi …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt’s Islamist Groupies

There are few Egypt’s president can rely on more in these economic hard times than his band of Islamist brothers. Key financial supporters from Islamist-led governments have come through with cash injections at times of extreme economic hardship, when Mohammed Morsi faced a spike in inflation and subsequent social unrest. Egypt’s Islamist groupies, including Qatar, Turkey, …

Daily News Egypt

The army and the current crisis

The crisis that broke with Morsy’s constitutional declaration on 22 November reconfigured the political scene in Egypt. The map of political forces has changed a lot in this past month. Inside the opposition camp, a new alliance formed between liberals, leftists and conservatives to create the National Salvation Front. Inside the state’s camp, the Muslim …

Fady Salah

Supporters of Mohamed Morsi's election campaign

Mohamed Gouda discusses ‘Nahda’ project

Dr. Mohamed Gouda, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) economic committee and its spokesman, responded to recent criticisms that businessmen prepared the party’s Nahda project and that it does not sufficiently include leftist ideas.

Daily News Egypt

Column review – Rule of the Brotherhood

Amr Hamzawy Al- Watan newspaper Some factions within the Egyptian community denounced the evolution of the 25 January revolution chiding all negative consequences ensued from the nation-wide protests. Amr Hamzawy, in his column ‘The revolution, Egypt and the coming president’ answered the very fundamental question of ‘what did 25 January revolution achieve?’ In a groundbreaking …

Daily News Egypt

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