Latest in Tag: Brotherhood Highlight

Latest in Tag: Brotherhood

The People have lost trust in the political sphere

The story of each year begins again on Monday. The state mobilises all forces to deal with those who dare and try to commemorate the January revolution. The … is preparing to commemorate the anniversary and the forces of … is preparing to ignite the revolution again. Other powers are trying to prove that the revolution was …

Emad El-Sayed

How does the ‘Family of 1952’ perceive ‘the people’? (Part 2)

The radical opposition that was brought up in the 1952 era, with its “religious” and “secular” segments, begins from the perception that the people are an inanimate object with homogenous interests and orientations. Therefore, it considered, or almost considered, all citizens who did not vote in elections, in this case the “peaceful” majority, to necessarily …

Farid Zahran

An assassination brings insurgency to Cairo

By Amr Khalifa Imagine the Prosecutor General of France in a motorcade near the Place de Montmartre. Now imagine a suicide car bomb intercepting that motorcade and killing him. Today Egypt doesn’t have to imagine. On an otherwise normal sunny Ramadan day, Hisham Barakat, Egypt’s Prosecutor General, was assassinated thereby delivering a burgeoning insurgency’s biggest …

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