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Latest in Tag: Brotherhood

Notes from America: The accidental hero

By Ahmed Tharwat In his book ‚ÄúPresidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era‚ÄĚ, Joseph Nye of Harvard University divided American presidents into two groups. One is made up of ‚Äútransformational‚ÄĚ leaders – those with the grandiose goal of using American influence to spread democracy and liberty around the world. The second group contains …

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What are the existing strategies in the face of terrorism and extremism?

The terrorist events that took place in Sinai on 29 January 2015 have raised major concerns and debates. Concerns were very obvious on TV screens, in newspapers, within political forces, and perhaps also ruling circles. These concerns, in my opinion, are justified. A year and a half after the first Rafah incident which targeted a …

Farid Zahran

Morsi ‘prison break’ trial postponed to Thursday

The Wednesday trial of ousted former president Mohamed Morsi for escaping Wadi El-Natrun Prison in January 2011 was postponed to 5 February, state media reported. The defence repeated its request to the Cairo Criminal Court for the introduction of new defendants and questioned the possibility that “Israeli elements” committed these crimes to destabilise security. Morsi …

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Sisi: Sinking Sinai

If a shaken public – and rest assured, based on many indications, the public is both shaken and angry – is to trust that its leaders have a rational, well-constructed plan there must be both transparency and accountability

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Morsi’s espionage case adjourned to 4 January

Cairo Criminal Court adjourned the trial of former president Mohamed Morsi and 35 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood to 4 January. They face. charges of leaking documents that could harm Egypt’s national security. The defendants are accused of leaking the documents to foreign agents, including Hamas and Hezbollah. They also stand accused of funding …

Mahmoud Mostafa

78 minors convicted for unlicenced protests released on parole

The Alexandria Juvenile Misdemeanour Appeal Court released 78 imprisoned minors convicted for illegally protesting and joining a banned organisation. In November, a first degree court had sentenced the minors, aged between 15 and 17, to between two and five year prison terms. Ahmed El-Hamrawy, one of the youths’ lawyers, said the judge decided to release …

Mahmoud Mostafa

Potential UK club acquisition could help Qatar polish its image

By James M. Dorsey Qatar has booked two recent successes in what has become an uphill struggle to improve its tarnished image: a papering over of its rift with Saudi Arabia and the UAE sparked by Qatari support for the Muslim Brotherhood, and reports that it may be interested in acquiring London Premier League club …

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