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Is the military good for Egypt’s economy?

By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy That’s a question I put to around a dozen Egyptian businessmen over the weekend, all of whom responded with a resounding “Yes”. Here are some snippets of conversations I had with a few of Egypt’s business community over the weekend (some appeared in this story for The National newspaper): Nassef Sawiris, billionaire …

Daily News Egypt

Morsi: out of political options

President Mohamed Morsi has been stubborn and closed-minded towards his interpretation of today’s events. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood clearly fell in the state’s institutional trap. Similar to Mubarak’s last 10 years in office, Morsi over this past year was constantly losing contact with the street and relying more and more on the state and …

Ziad A. Akl

Morsi turns to Syria and football to polish his tarnished image

By James M. Dorsey President Mohamed Morsi and his flailing Muslim Brotherhood have turned to foreign policy and soccer to improve their battered image in advance of a planned mass anti-government protest at the end of this month and mounting calls for his resignation. In a bid to distract attention from his domestic woes, curry …

Daily News Egypt