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Trump forces Brussels' hand on trade despite tariffs backlash

Trump’s threat of auto tariffs has finally spurred EU leaders into action on a new trade deal with Washington. As the US president seeks reelection next year, will Europe hold more clout in upcoming negotiations?Nine months after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker rushed to Washington to stave off the prospect of US tariffs on European …

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Brussels in for clash with EU members over budget plans

The European Commission has unveiled plans for its first post-Brexit budget for the 2021-27 period. A number of proposals are sure to put Brussels on collision course with Eastern European members and France.The €1.279-trillion ($1.534-trillion) EU budget covering 2021 to 2027 was unveiled by the European Commission Wednesday following months of bickering and difficult consultations …

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2015 Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam stands trial in Brussels

Salah Abdeslam faces trial over charges relating to a police shootout in the Belgian capital in March 2016. The tribunal is a prelude to a later one due in France over Abdeslam’s role in the Paris attacks that killed 130 people in 2015. Brussels was on high alert Monday morning as suspected terrorist Salah Abdeslam …

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Brussels acts on Italy’s failure to probe Fiat

The EU executive has announced it’s taking legal action against Italy. It accused authorities in Rome of failing to investigate whether carmaker Fiat-Chrysler installed devices that helped manipulate emissions tests.The EU on Wednesday launched infringement proceedings against Italy for failing to adequately investigate emissions cheating allegations against carmaker Fiat-Chrysler. The EU’s executive arm “decided today …

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Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU’s scapegoat

EU Commission President Juncker is being blamed for many of the bloc’s woes: waning interest in Europe, far-right populism and – recently – the Brexit. But how far is he really to blame? Barbara Wesel from Brussels.

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Brexit – the end of globalization?

It is still unclear how the UK will split from the European Union. But the Brexit vote is already a setback for advocates of free trade. This could affect millions of people in the world’s poorest countries, say experts.

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