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Bureaucracy, greatest enemy, gaining more power necessary: says Al Damaty

According to a board member of Emirates NBD Egypt, former Financial Policy Researcher at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Sahar Al Damaty, bureaucracy is the significant challenge that the new fund will suffer from, unless all concerned bodies work on eliminating it. “If the investor found himself restricted by complicated procedures, with an infinite number …

Daily News Egypt

The price of Egyptian bureaucracy

  Learning that officials, who are designated to solve Egypt socioeconomic challenges, are the core beneficiaries of keeping them superseded, should have prompted us a long time ago to realise why we have been living with those challenges for decades. This is the myth of Egyptian bureaucracy—a number of old-fashioned executives who have been ruling …

Mohammed Nosseir

Bureaucracy is killing this country: CEO of WVB

    World Vest Base (WVB) is a global finance intelligence institution that operates in several countries, including Egypt, to create comprehensive financial databases on businesses (specifically non-US companies), and distribute them to clients who need them. These clients range from investment banks to consulting firms, exchanges, government agencies, and specialised information re-distributors. Daily News …

Adel M. Fakhry

Bureaucracy: when the old school no longer works

Although bureaucracy in management science is evidence of good governmental organisation and usually refers to an administratively disciplined departmental framework, it’s popularly known as the complexity of governmental procedures people in a society have to pass through in order to fulfil their daily needs of documentation, application, and registration throughout their official interactions. This includes …

Brexit – the end of globalization?

It is still unclear how the UK will split from the European Union. But the Brexit vote is already a setback for advocates of free trade. This could affect millions of people in the world’s poorest countries, say experts.

Deutsche Welle

Civil Service Law responds to public demands to end bureaucracy: Mehleb

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb has met representatives of protesting employees of the Customs and Tax Authorities to discuss their demands regarding the newly issued Civil Service Law. At least 2,000 state employees from the Customs and Tax Authorities held a demonstration against the law on 10 August in front of the Press Syndicate in Downtown …

Doaa Farid

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