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Egypt lifts cooking gas prices, why it’s trivial

By Farah Halime How fitting that on April Fool’s Day, the Egyptian government attempts to deceive us all by claiming that its plans to raise the price of state-subsidised cooking gas for the first time in two decades will actually make any difference to the country’s energy subsidy spending. In fact, it won’t, and it is unlikely …

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Reactionary not progressive: Egypt’s economic policy

By Farah Halime In a desperate move to save power, Egypt’s international airport will close most of its runways for four hours each day from early June, Reuters has reported. The airport is the latest casualty of Egypt’s struggle to pay for fuel imports. As if to soften the blow, Reuters quoted the civil aviation minister Wael al-Maadawi …

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Abd al-Rahman al-Shurbagi, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) High Council of the North Sinai, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Renaissance program is one that will serve all Egyptians, and seek to establish a constitutional democracy based on Islamic principles. (File Photo)AFP Photo AFP Photo

Political conference held in Sinai

Freedom and Justice Party: We possess the capability to build a strong democratic state founded on Islamic principles
The opposition: the Freedom and Justice party is incapable of leading a country as large as Egypt

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