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Latest in Tag: Business

SCAF-instated CBE law modifications to be confirmed by Morsy

President Morsy will issue a declaration in a few days to amend 2 articles of the presidential decree number 64 for 2004 governing the Central Bank of Egypt, according to state-owned Al-Ahram. The cabinet has already approved the modification to the law that was issued by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) last year. …

Fady Salah

Financial community pessimistic

By Mahmoud Kasas Experts in finance and investment banking agreed that the government’s recent decision to postpone the signing of the $4.8 billion IMF loan will have a negative impact on the country’s economic climate. “Postponing the loan will deter investors seeking to do business in Egypt,” said CEO of CI Capital investment bank, Mahmoud …

Fady Salah

Egypt’s credit rating risks further devaluation

By Nasser Youssef Countries such as Egypt, who currently have a B rating need three years before their credit rating can improve Egypt’s credit rating could be downgraded once again if the country’s political situation does not improve, warned Nicholas Hardy, a representative from the Standard and Poor’s Credit Rating (S&P). He added that many …

Liliana Mihaila