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The Zamalek uprising

Two weeks ago dozens of Zamalek residents organised a protest to denounce the district’s deteriorating conditions. For over five years an infestation of new cafes and restaurants spread like wildfire in the Zamalek area. With no urban planning in mind nor care for the old island’s infrastructure, people dubbing themselves small and medium sized business …

Sara Abou Bakr


In Pictures: Zamalek residents protest island’s deteriorating conditions

On Saturday, Zamalek residents took to the streets protesting the declining status of their island Carrying placards that read “Enough with cafes in Zamalek”, “Protect the remaining greenery” and “Against abuse of public property”, tens of the residents demonstrated by the Cultural Wheel in hopes of getting their voices heard. One of the most pressing …

Sara Abou Bakr

Foodist at work Nada Badawi

Bite Me Cairo: The Best of the Best – Part 2

Many hire random amateur freelancers who think that spring rolls are a seasonal dish and can’t tell their head cheese from their aspic. Worse, some of these sites rely upon civilians to do their reviewing for them. This leads to some truly bizarre suggestions.

David Blanks

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