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Prokofiev for kids at the Opera house

Nevertheless, seeing a talented live orchestra is always something to behold, even if your ear is not attuned to the subtleties of classical chamber music and seeing the symphony orchestra play in tune with the story being told was a real treat.

Daily News Egypt

Cairo’s Citadel Music Festival to begin tomorrow

The festival is of crucial importance because it is now one of, if not the only, cultural event that is a portal from the artistic towers to the bottom of society. It reaches people who need to be nourished by art, who are thirsty and are finally provided with water.

Daily News Egypt

Black Theama celebrates eighth anniversary

The focus of their music is a search for the relationship that exists between “the music of the dark skinned in the world and to mix it in an easy way that allows normal street people to understand this music without any complication.”

Luiz Sanchez

Tango beckoned at the Opera House

Unknowingly we all find ourselves tapping away to the rhythm, each person hearing a story which is their own. Such is the beauty of music, a common language shared by all.

Luiz Sanchez

8-1 Gabriel-GUILLEN-and-son

Emotional strings in Cairo Opera House

The playing had not only turned upbeat but almost comical, with Guillen himself smiling widely and tapping his feet to the rhythm. His fingers flew deftly up and down the neck of the guitar, every so often lingering a moment to deliver a particularly powerful note.

Ahmed Khalifa

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