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Sharing and charity – Dar El Abrar El Seghar girls enchant at Sawy

Charity is an integral part of Ramadan and many initiatives spring up leading up to and during the month long celebration. Drives to donate food to those in need to ensure they can break their fast with a proper meal, makeshift restaurants that serve Iftars for free pop up all over town and special events are organised all over the country to enable everyone to contribute freely and participate in this aspect of Ramadan. Over the course of this month we will continue to share with you some of these appeals for generosity.

Connor Molloy

Much-needed pampering at Le Capitol

Firstly, the rooftop breeze will hit your cracked desert skin almost instantaneously, as if you had suddenly been transported to crisp, cold, clear Switzerland. The heat? Gone. The humidity? Gone. The ever-present Cairo claustrophobia? Mostly gone.

Ahmed Khalifa

DJ Scratch Battle 2012 has started

This year we hope to build on that success and to offer a wide variety of prizes for everyone that participates. We have more sponsors and big names supporting us and we will be announcing more prizes today and tomorrow.

Luiz Sanchez

Ramadan 101

Ramadan is upon us and many foreign first-timers are baffled by the changes they are seeing around them

Adel Heine

Comedians fumble, but entertain

There is hope for this group though, especially because they see themselves existing in a vacuum of the mostly comedy-less Cairo entertainment scene. It just takes more and more performances like the one on Monday before they become the real deal.

Connor Molloy

A real Chinese restaurant in Cairo

The restaurant is near Al-Azhar because the Uyghurs are the second largest population of Chinese Muslims. For years young religious Uyghur students have come to study at the Islamic university.

Connor Molloy

Annual Mime Festival in El Sawy

The festival spans over two evenings and features 10 minute performances by professionals, amateurs, individuals and groups. The artists are free to choose their style of performance, they are artistically free.

Adel Heine

The culture of charity: Ramadan bags

The tradition of giving a bag of food is an act of charity that can seem precarious to those new to the phenomenon, performing charity gracefully is not an easy feat when the recipient is in front of you.

Adel Heine

A different approach to healthcare

As long as therapies are proven to be beneficial based on scientific evidence, I believe there is much that can be gained from offering both conventional or alternative treatments to patients.

Adel Heine

The Gaming Hackathon starts in Cairo

Participants will neither rest nor sleep as they toil for three straight days to develop, and then upload a game onto the GameTaco site, where the games will then vie for dominance and prizes.

Ahmed Khalifa

Treasure in plain sight

It is one of millions and that is why we occasionally take for granted, that a beautiful and tranquil ride on the Nile is always just within reach of our fingertips.

Ahmed Khalifa

Healthy food for online shoppers

The logical step was to let the NGS evolve into an online business where people can browse through the products and learn about their benefits, place their orders and receive them at their homes at their convenience.

Adel Heine

Ashtanga yoga in Cairo

For me, teaching the Mysore method is about empowerment of the person who practices. You become aware of your own body, you get over your self-consciousness and the practice is a form of mental hygiene.

Adel Heine