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Review: Columnists ask who makes decisions in the palace?

After President Morsy withdrew the decision to raise the taxes on all luxurious commodities, columnists ask, who influences the president in making such decisions? Many writers have accused him of not being able to differentiate between ruling a nation and obeying his Islamist group.   Ibrahim Eissa Tahrir Newspaper Failure Reveals its President With a …

Fady Salah

Off with their heads!

A video of Egyptian self-proclaimed cleric Sheikh Saad Arafat went viral on Monday, showing one of his religious “lessons” on Al-Rahma channel, a self-described Islamic channel. In the video he deals with sexual harassment as follows, “even if you [the woman] are face-veiled, you are the reason for harassment for going out of your house …

Sara Abou Bakr

The Islamic civilization quest

As Islamic discourses become mainstream in several Muslim countries, one wonders what is there to make out of it? After all practically all modern Islamic movements came about with the objective of reviving an Islamic society, polity or both. The Islamist movement as a whole has come a long way since the demise of the …

Mustafa Salama

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