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Latest in Tag: cancer

How to prevent cancer

Cancer doesn’t have to be an inevitable destiny. Scientists know exactly what triggers the disease. And everyone can do something against the biggest threats.Destiny is in your hands Being diagnosed with cancer is a shock that hits you hard. And yet almost half of all cancer cases could be prevented. Smoking alone triggers about every …

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The special ‘zombie gene’ that protects elephants from cancer

Elephants die of cancer much less often than humans of the same age. The reason for this is that they have revived a special gene that kills off damaged DNA.Approximately 17 percent of people worldwide die of cancer. The figure for elephants is only five percent, although on average they live to about the same …

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Baheya foundation honors Hend Sabry’s latest TV shows 

Actress Hend Sabry Baheya has been honoured by the Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer for her latest role in Halawyet El donia. The role spotlights the process of cancer treatment in Egypt, and raises awareness on different forms of the disease, The Sohour charity event was attended by several public figures, …

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Cancer: Africa’s new health burden

“I can, we can defeat cancer” is this year’s theme on World Cancer Day. In many African countries there is still a lack of awareness and treatment methods, but the number of people affected is on the rise.

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Cancer foundation instils hope in affected children 

In honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a puppet show event has been organised by 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in cooperation with the Misr Foundation for Health and Sustainable Development. The event honoured young cancer-survivors and invited them to share their stories with other patients still receiving treatment. It also honoured the medical team …

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