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Opinion| Is carbon pricing the best answer to the climate change crisis?

This agreement, also known as the Paris Agreement, is essentially a plan for the future to avert a climate catastrophe that threatens humanity. It acknowledges that if the Earth’s temperature rose by 1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial temperature, many of the changes that occurred to the planet would become permanent and irreversible. And this agreement, like any plan, must be adhered to for it to succeed, which is why this year’s conference was so important.

Marwa El- Shinawy

How to make the world affordably carbon-free

If the world is to quit coal and gas for renewable energy souces, they have to be reliable and affordable. Is that realistic? Researchers have crunched the numbers and come up with some surprising answers.How much sun and wind is available in different areas of the world? How high is the energy demand? How do …

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These cities have the largest carbon footprint

A dubious distinction: top 10 cities with largest carbon footprint. Asia, the United States and the Middle East host the highest emitters — can you guess which world cities are worst for the climate?Boring name, interesting findings: The Global Gridded Model of Carbon Footprints provides a new analysis of the carbon footprint of cities around …

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Can ‘carbon law’ help businesses save the climate?

You may never have heard of carbon law — it has nothing to do with the legal system. But the obscure principle seems to be gaining momentum as businesses try to take the lead in a low-carbon economy.How the business sector can step up its action to prevent climate change is emerging as an important …

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Charcoal production in Egypt

At the completion of the process, tar composes nearly 30% of the charcoal’s weight, while the proportion of carbon is fixed at about 75%, the normal percentage for commercial coal

Mohamed Omar

Carbon capture and storage: Magic pill or chimera?

As a new climate treaty is negotiated, there’s debate around decarbonization versus “net zero.” But the latter relies on technologies that aren’t widely implemented – or don’t even exist yet. The energy industry touts it as the solution for clean fossil fuels, and the IPCC says it will be key to preventing dangerous climate change. …

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A day in CO²e emissions

How much does a Monday in winter speed up #climatechange? Are you ready for an inconvenient truth of Christmas cookies and greasy cheeseburgers? Here’s a day’s worth of carbon emissions. You may not have given much thought to the idea of how much or how little carbon your lifestyle releases into the universe and ultimately …

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Major sports climb onto the ‘green’ bandwagon

From roof gardens and wind turbines to drought-tolerant grass and organic food, sports industry, often accused of huge carbon footprints, is increasingly trying to leverage its strong influence to promote green habits. The San Francisco 49ers’ home field has strong environmental credentials. The Levi’s Stadium (pictured above) is designed to generate all of the energy …

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Financing climate protection

Money will be a big topic at the upcoming climate summit talks in Paris. Countries are negotiating who will pay for climate safety measures, how much money will be on the table, how to raise it – and how to spend it. Will the world stop emitting enormous quantities of carbon soon enough to avoid …

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No room for carbon trading in global climate treaty?

Carbon trading lobbyists say the mechanism is being given short shrift in the UNFCCC negotiations. But critics argue that carbon trading is a long way from providing a global solution to reducing emissions. The draft text of a global climate agreement to be finalized in Paris at the COP21 summit does little to promote carbon …

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Australia sets modest 2030 emissions target

Australia has announced targets for reducing carbon emissions over the next 15 years. But opposition politicians and environmentalists have lashed out at the cuts, saying they lag behind the world. Australian conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Tuesday that Australia – one of the world’s highest carbon emitters per capita – planned to reduce …

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