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Can India become the next China for carmakers?

Car sales in China have been plummeting and the persisting slump leaves automakers with few places to go for sales growth. India’s economic and demographic trends make it a promising market. But success is tough.China has been the world's largest car market for the past decade. In 2017, sales there reached over 28 million, according …

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Paris Motor Show: Carmakers brace for uncertain future

Auto industry executives gathering this week for the Paris Motor Show see plenty of reasons to worry: from global trade tensions to challenges posed by e-cars and stringent emissions targets. Janelle Dumalaon reports.The biennial Paris Motor Show is opening its doors to the public for the 120th time on Thursday. Close to 50 automakers are …

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German carmakers welcome lower import tariffs

China has announced it will steeply reduce import duties for both automobiles and car parts. Beijing is opening up the world’s largest auto market amid an easing of tensions with the United States.China said Tuesday it would cut vehicle import tariffs from as much as 25 percent to 15 percent starting July. It’s the latest …

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German carmakers among the biggest losers in US-China trade row?

Economists have warned that BMW and Daimler could be among the main victims of trade tensions between the US and China, should the Asian nation really double its tariffs on car imports from the United States.In the latest round of proposed tit-for-tat import barriers amid the current US-China trade row, Beijing has among other things …

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Should German carmakers be alarmed?

President-elect Donald Trump’s warning German BMW could be in for hefty import tariffs has triggered an immediate response from the carmaker and the economics minister. Both decided not to over-react.”If you want to build cars in the world, then I wish you all the best,” US President-elect Donald Trump had said in an interview with …

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Volkswagen is global leader in car sales

Diesel emissions scandal? Lawsuits, fines, turmoil at headquarters? Whatever. VW Group sold more cars and light trucks than any other carmaker in the first half of 2016, ahead of close rivals Toyota and General Motors.

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