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In Pictures: Al-Refa’i’ followers celebrate his birth in Qal’a

To celebrate the birth of the revered Sufi Ahmed Al-Refa’i, the founder of the Rifa’i Sufi order, dozens of people gathered in front of Sayeda Zeinab Mosque last Thursday to start a long march that ended in the afternoon at Ahmed El Refa’i Mosque in Al Qal’a Square. Lifting their distinguished flags and banners that …

Rana Khaled

Aarhus puts Viking twist on European Capital of Culture celebration

If you’re looking for warm-blooded Danes, look no further: Residents and visitors have flocked to Aarhus to launch the city as one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture. DW’s Bernd Riegert reports.Almost 1,000 singers accompanied by two orchestras took to Aarhus’ stages as the Danish city celebrated the colorful launch of its European Capital …

Deutsche Welle


In Pictures: Egypt celebrates New Year with joy and spirituality

  While the rest of the world celebrated the New Year with copious amounts of fireworks, Egypt chose to welcome 2016 in a different fashion. From church masses, to hiking trips in the wilderness, and Santa-themed marathons; the country was truly a beacon of joy during the year’s very first hours. A group of young …

Nayera Yasser

The Suez Canal expansion in the eyes of international media

Ahead of the Suez Canal expansion celebration, some international media outlets shed light on the new inauguration. Some reported the facts, and threw in their own and experts views and opinions on it. Daily News Egypt outlines a number of newspapers that talked about the event ahead of its official opening on 6 August. “Today …

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: Palm Sunday celebration in Egypt

Egyptian Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. The ceremony is a landmark in the Christian calendar, marking the triumphant return of Christ to Jerusalem the week before his death, when a cheering crowd greeted him waving palm leaves. (AFP Photos/MOHAMED EL-SHAHED)  

Daily News Egypt

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