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In a climate of intolerance, we cannot call Al-Sisi a failure

By Wael Eskandar It is no longer necessary to persuade the reader that Egypt is a country that has long forsaken its promised path of democratic transition, and whose rights abuses are systematic and deliberate. It is now a given, and whatever doubts there may have been dissipated with countless reports on human rights abuses, …

Daily News Egypt

Media ethics in post-30 June Egypt

Religious figures, actors and other irrelevant guests are hosted to discuss and analyse matters of political importance on media channels, which neither differ in conduct nor content.

Aya Nader

How the prosecution has helped Bassem Youssef

By Nick Gjorvad It is rare to hear someone say that a court summons could be viewed in a positive light.  However, Bassem Youssef’s recent interrogation by Egypt’s Prosecutor General’s Office may bring with it some benefits for his cause.  Youssef’s satirical television show has criticised several political figures for quite some time, especially Islamists …

Daily News Egypt

The ‘insult’ of political criticism

By Nick Gjorvad Few would argue against the maxim that freedom of speech is one of the foundational pillars on which democracy rests.  Freedom of speech is widely understood to include speech concerning government officials, which may be critical or even demeaning of an officials’ performance.  While the lines between unfounded slander and legitimate criticism …

Daily News Egypt

El-Sawy apologises over cartoons

The front warned of El-Sawy becoming a cultural censor for the Muslim Brotherhood and accused him of trying to gain favours with the government, implying that he had done it before to gain access to public property: the Culturewheel’s location in Zamalek.

Adel Heine