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‘Pick A Street’ supports hearing impaired children with street art

Aiming to use different kinds of arts as a tool for creating positive social impact, a group of young artists launched the “Pick A Street” initiative that roams Cairo streets, raising awareness about important societal issues and problems. The initiative plans to support different non-governmental organisations and charities by raising funds through street performances. “The …

Rana Khaled

Hemaya: campaign raises children’s awareness about sexual harassment 

Over the past years, dozens of campaigns were launched for fighting sexual harassment and raising women’s awareness of how to protect themselves and preserve their rights against the harassers. Although child sexual harassment has always been a similar controversial issue, hundreds of parents preferred to remain silent about it, considering it a shame or a …

Rana Khaled

Cancer foundation instils hope in affected children 

In honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a puppet show event has been organised by 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in cooperation with the Misr Foundation for Health and Sustainable Development. The event honoured young cancer-survivors and invited them to share their stories with other patients still receiving treatment. It also honoured the medical team …

Maya Nawar

Your child’s first visit to the dentist

A paediatric dentist should know how to deal with the child according to his intellectual maturity level, in order to make him cooperative enough during his dental visit while simultaneously comforting the anxious parents and giving them the best available treatment options

Hend Khaled Samir

Environmental degradation takes a heavy toll, particularly on women and children’s health

In 1975, at the Mexico City First World Conference on Women, Vandana Shiva, the Indian scholar and environmental activist, introduced the issue of women’s relationship to the environment. At the time, concern was raised about the depletion of forestry resources and women’s role in agriculture and a connection was made between environmental development and its …

Cesar Chelala