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Classic toys in children’s rooms throughout the world

With Christmas just around the corner, children and parents all have one thing on their mind: toys. After reading the kids’ letters, Santa might have to make a pit stop in Germany to fulfill some of their wishes. Germany is well known for its state-of-the-art engineering, top manufacturing and high quality products, particularly in industries …

Deutsche Welle

Most Syrian refugee children in Turkey are not in school: HRW

Over 400,000 Syrian refugee children in Turkey are not being educated, Human Rights Watch has said in a new report. Lack of schooling puts a whole generation in jeopardy and threatens to push more refugees to Europe. The 62-page report released by Human Rights Watch on Monday has called for Turkey and the international community …

Deutsche Welle

Violence against women and children costs Egypt $147bn yearly

By Bjørn Lomborg Violence holds a huge cost for our world. Globally, the cost runs to more than 11% of the world’s GDP. But this is not mostly about the highly visible violence that dominates TV and news. Civil wars and conflicts rumble far too long in far too many places like Syria and the …

Daily News Egypt

78 minors convicted for unlicenced protests released on parole

The Alexandria Juvenile Misdemeanour Appeal Court released 78 imprisoned minors convicted for illegally protesting and joining a banned organisation. In November, a first degree court had sentenced the minors, aged between 15 and 17, to between two and five year prison terms. Ahmed El-Hamrawy, one of the youths’ lawyers, said the judge decided to release …

Mahmoud Mostafa