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The evil egg: Chile bans Kinder Surprise

The South American country introduced one of the strictest food labeling laws in the world and the chocolate egg landed on the chopping block. Chile isn’t the only country where the kid-targeted candy is prohibited.

Deutsche Welle

Israeli pitches: A tale of racism, bigotry and double standards

By James M. Dorsey If Israeli football pitches are any indication, Israeli attitudes towards Palestinians do not bode well for US Secretary of State John Kerry’s Middle East peace efforts. The story echoing from the pitches is one of racism, racial superiority, bigotry, double standards and little sincere effort to address a key issue that …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt 2013: What can you tell?

By Fadi Elhusseini Genuine democracy requires practice and partnership, and cannot be realised aloof from people. Mobilising crowds to replace the ballot box is very dangerous as the lust for power and authority can be cast in popular demands, and gain proforma legitimacy. In order to put forward a truthful analysis, one should call a …

Daily News Egypt

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