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Chery Tiggo tops Chinese cars over Geely Emgrand 7

Chery Tiggo topped the list of bestselling Chinese cars in the Egyptian market over Geely Emgrand 7, which previously occupied the top spot for 16 months. Tiggo registered sales of 1,563 cars at a value of EGP 243m, during the period between January and May. Chery models were released into the market through its agent …

Daily News Egypt

Emgrand 7 continues to top Chinese car sales

The Speranza Tiggo and Envy continued in second and third place respectively, without conducting any sales operations in September, causing the Tiggo to stop at EGP 263m with 1,969 cars sold and the Envy at EGP 134m with 1,675 cars sold.

Ahmed Amer

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