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Chocolate market regains its taste and looks forward to growth

A number of companies in the chocolate industry are preparing to inject new investments into the market during the coming period as the economy recovers following the crises of the last two years. Chocolate production has declined in the last two years at rates ranging from 10 to 50% across many producers. The market expects …

Walaa Gamal

$101bn world spending on chocolate in 2015

The total worldwide spending on chocolate in 2015 came in at $101bn, according to Statista. The world spending on chocolate exceeds the total Egyptian government’s spending during the same year, which amounted $96bn, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Finance. Egypt has imported chocolate from Israel at around $45,000 in 2015, and Israel’s total chocolate …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate with a side of remorse

During the Easter season people around the world will celebrate by consuming millions of chocolate bunnies and eggs. But where does all this chocolate come from? Hint: It’s not really the Easter Bunny.The world’s sweet tooth keeps getting sweeter. Though demand for chocolate in emerging countries is not growing as analysts had hoped, the rest …

Deutsche Welle

Good chocolate equals homes for monkeys

Deforestation to make way for cocoa plantations is having a devastating impact on spider monkeys. But a conservation project in the Ecuadorian rainforest is helping farmers to change their ways.Mika Peck landed in Ecuador in 1995 as a young researcher studying aquatic invertebrates. After two months of trekking through the country’s watersheds gathering biological samples, …

Deutsche Welle

Mondelez Egypt Foods reaches sales worth EGP 1.4bn in 9 months

Mondelez Egypt Foods reached sales worth $1.4bn during the first nine months of 2016. The company’s regional director for Egypt and North Africa, Bilal Sharbatly, said that Mondelez acquired more than 40% of the market volume, which amounts to EGP 3.5bn. He told Daily News Egypt that the sales volume reaches about EGP 1.4bn, up …

Samira Saeed

Corona targets EGP 20m exports in 2017

Corona aims to increase its exports in 2017 to reach EGP 20m, compared to EGP 10m in 2015. Ahmed Shaaban, the sales manager of Corona, said that the company is targeting a 40% growth in sales by the end of 2016 through expanding the distribution of its products in the coming period. Corona prepared a …

Basma Tharwat

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