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The clanging cymbal, a church with a loveless creed

By Wael Eskandar “People talk about human rights, but what about God’s rights?” said Pope Tawadros in his sermon on the eve of Coptic Christmas on 6 January. These words, and most others in the same sermon rang hollow, as I recalled the opening lines of chapter thirteen in the book of Corinthians: “If I …

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Coptic Christians and political activism before 25 January

Coptic Christians have, since 1952, lived according to what might be considered a tacit agreement between the church and the state, one whereby the state committed itself to the protection of Copts, the principles and rules of equality before the law, and equal opportunity, and the church reciprocated by absorbing the activities of Coptic Christians …

Farid Zahran


In Pictures: Palm Sunday celebration in Egypt

Egyptian Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. The ceremony is a landmark in the Christian calendar, marking the triumphant return of Christ to Jerusalem the week before his death, when a cheering crowd greeted him waving palm leaves. (AFP Photos/MOHAMED EL-SHAHED)  

Daily News Egypt

Bartered bride

Philip Whitfield Brave reporting by Hamza Hendawi. His Associated Press copy from Dalga makes your blood boil. Morsi supporters are ethnically cleansing Christians in a town a hop skip and a jump from Tahrir Square. The police stand idly by while 20,000 Christian homes and businesses are torched. An Orthodox priest’s house is burned down. …

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