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Coterique launches Christmas pop-up shop in Gouna

With the year nearing its end, relentless plans away from the capital start to take shape and form. While few might head to the desert for an offline spiritual retreat, others would take the opposite direction with an urban vacation at none other than Gouna. Abu Tig Marina has already started celebrating by harbouring a …

Daily News Egypt


Despite security threats, Egyptians celebrate Christmas 

The streets of Cairo warmly celebrated Christmas spirit with Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations, lights, and definitely Santa Claus. With Christmas’s most famous songs in the background, the dazzling spirit of Christmas fills people’s heart with joy and warmth. The streets of Egypt’s posh neighbourhoods started preparing for the celebratory season staring in early December. New …

Daily News Egypt


Copts celebrate Christmas traditions despite fears

Despite an abundance of stress and fear that naturally followed the aftermath of the attack on St. Peter and St. Paul church last month, Egyptian Coptic Christians held their Christmas in peace on 7 January. Creating a heavy security presence, churches were surrounded with police and central security forces. For some main churches, like Mar …

Daily News Egypt

The Egypt edition: ‘Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is…’

Millions of people around the globe celebrate Christmas on 25 December. They decorate Christmas trees, exchange gifts with family members and friends, and decorate their houses with red and green. Although not shy of the Christmas spirit, Egypt celebrates this time of the year a little differently. But 2016, with its economic woes and heavy …

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