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Cherish freedom

By: Philip Whitfield How do you feed your prejudice? Choosing what bits to read? Or who to hang out with? It’s an infectious disease. One minute you’re as tolerant as can be, the next you’re ranting about someone’s views. We are all united in a crisis, says Nancy Taylor, pastor of the Old South Church …

Daily News Egypt

Suicide bomb at Roman Catholic Church in Nigeria

By Joel Gulhane A suicide bomber blew up his vehicle up next to a church in northeast Nigeria on Sunday, killing himself and another, AP reported. The blast occurred just after 9am, as mass was being held at the St. John Catholic church in the city of Bauchi. Forty five were injured in the explosion …

Daily News Egypt

President-elect gets down to business

Oath swearing venue to be decided today, Prime minister will be an independent, patriotic figure
Morsi met with Christian representatives, martyrs’ families, intelligence chief, and revolutionary groups

Ahmed Aboulenein

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