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Egypt, World Bank sign $1.15bn agreements to support 30 million citizens

The agreements come as part of the ministry’s vision to strengthen economic relations with multilateral and bilateral development partners, in order to meet Egypt’s development financing needs. The financing has gone to a variety of sectors, the most important of which are health, housing, and the environment.

Nehal Samir

Al-Sisi asks citizens to endure 6 months of hardship

On Wednesday during the opening of the National Project for Fish Farming in the Suez Canal area in Ismailia, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi called on Egyptians to endure the economic hardships resulting from governmental reforms for the next six months. During his speech, he reasserted the state’s commitment to its economic reforms, and promised citizens …

Mohamed Samir

Are Egyptians naturally bad─or badly ruled?

  ‘Stay home’ is the advice I often give to Egyptians who are unable to tolerate the behaviour of their fellow citizens. In Egypt, the moment a citizen steps out of his home, the wide-ranging drama that literally entails an endless list of interactions (with fellow citizens, vehicles, roads, the environment, etc) begins. The direct …

Mohammed Nosseir

Why Egypt’s ‘Big Brother’ came back, more repressive

“If you don’t have a brother, try to find one” is an Egyptian saying that many believe and live by. Having someone to take care of you is a cultural trait and an obvious privilege; for many Egyptians, it is pure bliss to live in a state that takes good care of its citizens. The …

Mohammed Nosseir

Op-ed review: A citizen, a writer and a politician

Ezzedin Choukri Fishere Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper Writer Ezzedin Choukri Fishere begins his article by explaining what it means to be a free citizen. “A free citizen does what he likes. He can boycott elections if he feels that they are predetermined or unfair or that it will not make a difference in his …

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