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Op-ed review: national development projects, Palestine & opposition to US, sectarianism & citizenship

Saturday kicked the week off with the inauguration and launch of developmental projects by the armed forces in the Suez Canal, including tunnels and bridges to facilitate access to Sinai. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi attended a ceremony Saturday for the occasion. In the privately-owned Al-Masry Al-Youm, several pieces reflected on the event. Newspaper Chairperson Mohamed …

Amira El-Fekki

How an alternative citizenship changes lives of Arab families  

In the search for safety and freedom of movement, an increasing number of Arab families are considering an alternative citizenship. The many years of instability in some of Middle Eastern countries and the growing trend of European countries and the USA to have more restrictive immigration policies, has directly affected several nations in the region.  …

Veronica Cotdemiey

The heritage of economic citizenship: a‘refuge’ for advancement

A lot of unnecessary energy has already been expended on Egyptian television arguing over the planned reforms ofresidency and naturalisation procedures, with accusations of treason flying both ways. The idea is that you get a five-year long residency if you stash a lot money in the bank that the government will then spend and invest …

Emad El-Din Aysha

How Egypt is ruled and ruined by opportunists

Egypt is ruled by the maxim: “You must have a stake to have a say.” Egyptians are not governed based on citizenship, which gives everyone equal rights, but based on a stakeholders’ concept that gives more power to citizens who have more wealth and who are closest to the ruler. Egyptian citizenship enables Egyptians to …

Mohammed Nosseir

Displacing Copts from Rafah or from Egypt?

A terrorist group demanded that Christian families leave the North Sinai town of Rafah. The government quickly carried out these orders sending all Christian employees of Rafah to work in Al-Arish and relocating their children to Al-Arish schools. The incident could have ended there, but fate decreed that the story be leaked to political circles. …

Farid Zahran

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