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Does the United States not know what’s happening in Egypt?

In the loud conversations that occurred before and after the removal of Morsi, some stressed the importance of explaining the truth about what is going on in Egypt to political and media circles in the west. The conversations were directed specifically to the United States, on the basis that the information reaching those circles is …

Farid Zahran

Editor’s letter: Is Egypt on the verge of a civil war?

Since the launch of the Tamarod campaign about two months ago, the term “civil war” has been used frequently by both mainstream and social media, the political elite and various other segments of society. I’ve been wondering if this was a natural overreaction by a society that has a history of rejecting internal violence, where …

Maher Hamoud


Egypt is a country where people operate on myths instead of facts, which is one of the primary reasons why we never seem to get on with the country. Between the 7,000 years of civilisation (of which 2,000 we were under occupation), the army that never gets defeated (except in every war it actually partakes …

Mahmoud Salem

A diverse scope of refugees

By Ahmed Awadalla Looking at the situation in Syria, where millions were forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in neighboring countries, refugees have fled their country due to well-founded fear. Syria’s political, religious, ethnic, or gender-based persecutions are collective reasons for citizens to pack their luggage and depart. After heading to another country, …

Daily News Egypt

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