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In Pictures: Al-Azhar Pro-Morsi students clash with police

  Al-Azhar University students clashes with the police on Sunday during an anti-army protest. Nearly 3,000 students initially blocked the main Nasr road leading to the campus, and clashes with police ensued leaving reports of injury. Tear gas was fired by the police while students used rocks and fireworks in return. Photos by Ahmed Al-Malky …

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: Clashes erupt in Cairo

Rival demonstrations led to violent clashes throughout Egypt on Sunday amid celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the October War. The Ministry of Interior had reported 94 injuries and 28 killed nationwide. In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, face-painted revelers gathered to celebrate the anniversary, waving Egyptian flags and posters of Defence Minister Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi as …

Adam Koppeser

One Dead in Delga Clashes

Police forces fired shots and teargas in legitimate self-defense against attempts to break into Delga Police Station: MOI spokesman

Fady Ashraf