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UK, Egypt call for action to tackle climate change

UK Secretary of State for International Development Alok Sharma and Egyptian Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad jointly presented the declaration, which provides a strategic framework for enhancing resilience and adaptation to climate changes.

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Can Stradivarius violins weather climate change?

The forest where the wood for Stradivarius violins comes from has been used for 300 years to build some of the best string instruments in the world. Climate change might change that. Angelo van Schaik reports.Back in the 17th century, Antonio Stradivari traveled for two days from his hometown Cremona to the Paneveggio forest in …

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BASF profits fall 23 percent in 2018 amid trade wars, climate change

The world’s largest chemical producer saw its profits dive 23 percent in 2018. The firm said global trade conflicts, adverse weather conditions and the flagging auto industry were partly to blame.German chemical conglomerate BASF announced on Tuesday that its annual profits had taken a serious tumble in 2018. The major fall came in the fourth …

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Hard-hit by climate change, Bangladesh finds solution in floating gardens

Bangladesh is on the front line of climate change, as its low-lying delta farmlands face surging floods. But floating gardens – a traditional form of hydroponics – is offering a lifeline to some farming families.In summer 1988, a surging flood hit Bangladesh. Then, it was the worst the country had suffered for years. Hari Podo, …

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Stanley Aneto: "Art is a powerful way to speak about climate change"

Nigerian eco-artist Stanley Aneto is on a mission to use his work to engage younger generations in environmental issues.DW: You work across many different mediums including painting, poetry, photography, music and film. What made you want to explore environmental themes? Stanley Aneto: As a child I loved being beside the seaside in Nigeria. I would …

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Asia faces tough contradictions in dealing with climate change

As the UN climate conference wraps up, Asia’s emission-producing economic powerhouses have said that their growing wealth doesn’t guarantee that they can fully comply with the Paris Agreement without assistance.On Saturday climate change delegates continued their latest round of negotiations on implementing the Paris Agreement at the UN climate conference in Katowice, Poland. The delegates …

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Climate change: Governments don't act? We do!

From activists risking their liberty to block coal, to US businesses sticking with the Paris accord regardless of Trump, ordinary folk fed up waiting for change have outshone the big political players at COP24.Averting catastrophic climate change is a task for the world. And the main players in the struggle break down into three groups: …

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Climate change could cause 'severe' global beer shortage

Increasing droughts around the world may reduce barley yields, resulting in shortages of beer, a fall in global consumption and a rise in prices for the beloved beverage around the world, a new study finds.Bad news, beer lovers: Climate change doesn't just cause rising sea levels — stronger hurricanes and more intense wildfires, it could …

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Plant-based diets needed to limit climate change

Major changes to diet and farming are needed to allow the Earth to keep feeding the global population. The study’s lead author told DW there’s “little chance of staying within environmental limits” if no action is taken.A plant-based diet, improved farming practices, and reduced food waste are needed to keep the negative environmental effects of …

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