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Latest in Tag: climate change

Obama talks climate change in first Facebook post

The US president has joined the world’s largest social media platform with a call to action on climate change. The move follows a UN statement that emissions have hit an 800,000-year high. US President Barack Obama announced Monday his entry to social media platform Facebook with a personal page. “Hello, Facebook! I finally got my …

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Simplicity is key to protecting highland Peruvian biodiversity

After hundreds of years living with nature, some indigenous communities in Peru are feeling the heat of climate change. They are using simple methods to continue their traditional existence and prevent biodiversity loss. Project Aim: To strengthen communities in mountain regions of Peru, Nepal and Uganda through ecosystem-based adaptation Project partners: Nepal: Ministry of Environment, …

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In Paris, top officials warn climate change poses major security threat

Ahead of December’s climate change conference, experts have warned about the effects of climate change on world security – and how fighting global warming can help foster peace. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris. Encroaching desert and Boko Haram extremists. A punishing drought in Syria, pushing 1 million people to flee the countryside to cities already …

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Hottest July ever, US scientists say

Amid fears about the speed of climate change, scientists say July was the warmest in 135 years. This year is likely to be the hottest year since records began, surpassing an already hot 2015. The world broke new heat records in July, becoming the hottest month in history, a US scientific agency revealed on Thursday. …

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Paris – the Arab world´s last chance

In December 2015, delegates from all countries of the world will meet at the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris. The hope is that the global community will achieve an agreement which would assure future global warming does not exceed 2 °C compared to the pre-industrial era. Nothing against high level talks. Unfortunately, …

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Joining forces to meet the challenge of climate change

By James Moran, EU Ambassador in Egypt Climate action day was on 17 June. Voltaire said “Men argue. Nature acts.” When it comes to climate change, now more than ever we need to take a leaf out of nature’s book and act together. The international community is working for a new global climate deal in …

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Despite climate change, Africa can feed Africa

By Richard Munang and Jesica Andrews Climate change comes with never-before-experienced impacts. For example, crop yields and growing seasons will decrease even as changing rain patterns will worsen people’s access to water. Yet Africa’s population is projected to reach 2 billion in less than 37 years, and in 86 years three out of every four …

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Climate-Smart Smallholders

By Paul Kagame and Kanayo F. Nwanze KIGALI: Until the world’s small farmers adopt a series of necessary changes, climate talks such as the United Nations Rio+20 Summit, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro this June, will never translate into action. The emergence of a global green economy requires governments, other policymakers, and businesses …


Climate change to deal blow to fruits, nuts: study

WASHINGTON: Climate change is expected to alter the global industry in fruits and nuts dramatically as tree crops such as pistachios and cherries struggle in the rising temperatures, researchers said. A study said that even if polluters took greater action to cut carbon emissions, the impact of climate change will likely be severe enough that …


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