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Mohamed Samir is an economic and political journalist, and analyst specialising in the Middle East. Over the past decade, he covered Egypt’s and the MENA region’s financial, business, and geopolitical updates. He is currently the Deputy Executive Editor of the Daily News Egypt.

Time for rich countries to pay their climate debts

The problem is that climate change economic impact took its toll on poorer countries. Oxfam, a globally renowned aid and development charity, estimates that between 1998 and 2017, low-income countries reported climate-related disaster losses of $21bn, or an average of 1.8% of GDP.

Mohamed Samir

Arctic's record warming propelling 'broad change' in climate: study

US scientists have warned that higher temperatures in the Arctic could be fueling extreme weather in the US and Europe. The NOAA report said 2018 was the second-warmest year on record in the Arctic since 1900.The warming of the Arctic is occurring at a record pace and having a significant impact across the planet, the …

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Climate protection: Germany falls farther behind

A decade ago, Germany was a pioneer in fighting climate change via the expansion of renewable energies. But now, like many G20 nations, its climate protection is stagnating as global emissions rise again.As greenhouse gas emissions increase, the Climate Change Performance Index 2019 shows that only a handful of nations have implemented strategies to limit …

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Opinion: 1.5 degrees — do we want climate catastrophe or not?

A new global warming report shows it’s still not too late to avert the worst impacts of climate change. It just boils down to whether we can muster the will to do so, thinks DW’s Sonya Diehn.The IPCC report is pretty clear: Half a degree makes a huge difference. We've already warmed the world about …

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Germany’s farmers feel the heat of climate change

German farmers are no strangers to the elements, but this summer has brought home the realities of climate change, and the need to start adapting. How can farmers adapt to the changing conditions?Carved into a block of wood and given pride of place in the parlor of an old farmhouse 100 or so kilometers (around …

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Cities, businesses aim to fill Trump climate void

Under the slogan “We Are Still In,” local governments, businesses and universities representing 120 million Americans say they will carry forward the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Can they fill the gap?The US federal government may be pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, but states, cities and organizations say that doesn’t mean they …

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