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Latest in Tag: climate

The battle for Trump’s mind on climate

More than a thousand companies and investment firms hope US President Trump will stick to the Paris Climate Agreement. The president is said to be “wide open” on the matter. A decision is expected this week.The list of people trying to convince US President Donald Trump to stick with the Paris Climate Agreement is long, …

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Granting indigenous land rights could save the climate – or not

Indigenous peoples believe they preserve forests best – something that is becoming more important as the planet heats up. But indigenous peoples need land title to implement protection – why is this so contentious?Indigenous lands have been a war ground for centuries, as differing interests fight over the richness in them. And in many cases, …

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‘Indigenous people are stabilizing the global climate’

Candido Mezua is an indigenous leader from Panama who was present at the recent violent protests in Brazil. At the climate conference in Bonn, he tells DW why it’s crucial for indigenous peoples to defend forests.The Paris Agreement included indigenous peoples as a key element to improve climate protection. Recent studies have shown that titling …

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Should lobbyists be excluded from climate meetings?

The influence of fossil fuel lobbyists on climate negotiations has come into the spotlight at the Bonn climate conference. But debate over their role has only just begun.The starting gun for next global climate conference COP23 in November went off this week in Bonn, Germany, as representatives from 196 countries gathered for preparatory meetings May …

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Could the law driving computing leaps speed up climate protection?

A new report says the UN’s incremental approach to reducing emissions is all wrong. The effort needs to come on strong early – and lessons can be learned from the evolution of computing.When world leaders reached the landmark Paris agreement in December 2015, it was hailed as a monumental step forward in the fight against …

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10 things you can do to protect the climate

With a new global agreement to guide governments toward climate protection, personal action is more important than ever. From riding your bike to shopping organic, here are some simple ways you can help save the climate. 1. Use less energy Most greenhouse gases are emitted by power plants, industry and traffic. By using energy efficiently, …

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Opinion: Premature rejoicing in Paris

The agreement reached at the world climate conference has been labeled “historic.” This is an exaggeration, writes DW’s Henrik Böhme: the real value of all those “shoulds” committed to paper remains to be seen. It was perfectly understandable that frenetic cheering erupted among the thousands of delegates present at the uncharming trade fair grounds on …

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Historic climate agreement reached

For the first time in history, industrialized and developed countries alike have commited to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change. Andrea Rönsberg reports from Paris. Laughter, applause, and cheers broke out in the plenary hall after French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, presiding over the climate conference, said the words apparently everybody had …

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‘Moment of truth’ as Fabius submits final Paris Pact draft

A new draft pact has been presented to ministers gathered at the Paris climate conference. They now have time to deliberate, before attempting to adopt a global agreement. With an emotional appeal, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who presides over the conference, presented negotiators at the Paris climate conference with a new draft agreement that …

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Overtime for Paris climate conference

After negotiations on a global climate agreement hit a wall early on Friday morning, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, presiding over the event, postponed the release of a new text to Saturday

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Paris climate summit agrees on text, but questions open

It is halftime at the Paris climate conference, and negotiators have agreed on a new draft agreement. That constitutes progress – but many sticking points remain for ministers to solve next week. “It is so decided,” Dan Reifsnyder, the US deputy assistant secretary of state for environment, said a few minutes after 1 Saturday afternoon …

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Changing climate causing chaos on the Amazon

Altered storm patterns and longer dry spells are resulting in lower river levels and prolonged fires in the Amazon region. This spells chaos for locals – with implications for ecosystems and further climate change. Rivers in the Amazon region are veins of life – they act as roads for forest communities, as home for fish …

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Paris needs to take the “climate” out of “climate aid”

One of the things we are hearing more and more about here in Paris is so-called “climate aid”. There has been a huge push from climate NGOs to convince rich countries to spend a fortune to help poor countries adjust to global warming. This term is a catch-all for money being given from rich countries …

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Steam engine to Exxon: The evolution of climate science

As politicians debate how to halt the warming of the planet, some 200 years of climate science sets basis for all this fuss. But this science hasn’t always been taken a given. Negotiators and political leaders about to meet in Paris are tasked with agreeing on a new global climate treaty to try to limit …

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Lake Chad recedes to ‘catastrophic’ levels

Countries that share Lake Chad will be asking world leaders at the climate talks in Paris to help them transfer water from the Congo basin. The once rich lake has lost 90 percent of its water due to climate change. Kanada Souley casts his nets in the low waters of Lake Chad. The 40-year-old is …

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