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Latest in Tag: climate

Financing climate protection

Money will be a big topic at the upcoming climate summit talks in Paris. Countries are negotiating who will pay for climate safety measures, how much money will be on the table, how to raise it – and how to spend it. Will the world stop emitting enormous quantities of carbon soon enough to avoid …

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Climate pledges still too low for 2-degree limit

The UN climate summit in Paris has some tough nuts to crack: With global temperatures and CO2 emissions breaking records, greenhouse gas cuts pledged so far will not keep global warming to the agreed-upon limit. Britain’s Met Office recently announced that average global increase in temperature is likely to pass the milestone of 1 degree …

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Figueres: climate change is ‘a shared responsibility’

Can this week’s climate talks in Bonn come up with a draft text for COP 21 in Paris to suit all parties? DW talks to UN climate chief Christiana Figueres. UN diplomats are meeting in Bonn this week for climate change talks. The five-day session is the last meeting before heads of states and ministers …

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COP21 apple garden: Protecting the climate with art?

A French fruit and vegetable garden has grown a very special crop of apples for the upcoming climate summit in Paris. We unveil the secret of these mini works of art. What a day for a visit to Pascal Garbe in his garden! The temperature is just above freezing. There’s even a sprinkling of snow. …

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Developing countries balk at climate change agreement draft in Bonn

Developing nations are crying foul over the latest draft of a global climate agreement to be inked in Paris. A rift has opened between developing and developed countries on how to share the task of curbing emissions. As UN diplomats convene in the German city of Bonn on Monday, developing nations are complaining that much …

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‘Climate Sail’ educates on impacts to oceans

In the lead-up to the UN climate summit in December, a boat traveling from Hamburg to Paris is educating people about the devastating effects of climate change on oceans. DW hops onboard for a stretch. It’s cold and really early in the morning when research vessel Aldebaran prepares to cast off from the harbor in …

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Climate change will cause the next revolutions in North Africa

Less than half a decade since the Arab Spring rocked North Africa and the Middle East, experts say the effects of climate change could trigger the next round of regional unrest. As Syrians continue to flee the conflict that rages in their home country, many via war-torn Libya, or Tunisia, which is struggling to keep …

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Joining forces to meet the challenge of climate change

By James Moran, EU Ambassador in Egypt Climate action day was on 17 June. Voltaire said “Men argue. Nature acts.” When it comes to climate change, now more than ever we need to take a leaf out of nature’s book and act together. The international community is working for a new global climate deal in …

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Climate change, diminishing of conventional energy, and economy growth

By Eng. Hisham Farouk Mostafa In 2001, the German government greeted delegates from all over the world to Bonn in the first conference discussing climate change and the diminishing of conventional energy sources. A series of summits have since been held globally and based on the Kyoto protocol, signed in 1997. That human activity is the …

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