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Fifth Coaltrans Cairo discusses expansion in using coal in industrialisation

The fifth edition of Coaltrans Conference held in Cairo between 18-19 March discussed the possibilities of using coal as an alternative source of energy. The conference discussed the Egyptian government’s desire to shift to using coal in energy generation, along with other numerous industries. Coal has become a necessary adoption thanks to its low production …

Daily News Egypt

As coal ends in the Ruhr, a cultural renaissance hits full steam

With Germany’s last black coal mine closing today near Bottrop in the Ruhr industrial belt, the former mining region promises to transform into a cultural powerhouse.When the Prosper-Haniel mine closes on Friday, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be on hand to strike the death knell of a hard coal mining industry that was once the …

Deutsche Welle

Rallies in Germany against government’s continued reliance on coal

Demonstrations took place in at least five cities, including Berlin and Hamburg. The protests come two days before a government commission intended to map a national path away from coal is to convene for the first time.Demonstrators took to the streets of Berlin and other German cities Sunday to press the government to accelerate the …

Deutsche Welle

Germany’s coal exit: jobs first, then the climate

Germany is about to appoint a commission that will plan how the country is to give up coal. But it’s already under fire for prioritizing the economy over the environment.No other country burns as much lignite as Germany. Around a quarter of German electricity comes from the carbon-heavy fuel, also known as brown coal. It’s …

Deutsche Welle

China u-turns on rapid end to coal heating

Plans to rapidly cut coal use in China halted after households were left without heat. But air quality appears to have improved despite the setback.China has made high-profile commitments this year to cutting carbon emissions and prioritizing a cleaner environment. But an action plan aimed at cutting coal use across large swathes of the country …

Deutsche Welle

Why coal companies want Trump to stay in the Paris climate pact

Fossil fuel firms fearing that America will lose influence in shaping the global climate regime are urging Trump to keep a seat at the table. Climate activists can’t agree on whether it’s better to have Trump in or out.When President Donald Trump unveiled his rollback of Obama-era climate policies this past March, he said he …

Deutsche Welle

How far is Germany from a complete coal exit?

Although Germany has ambitious plans to reduce CO2 emissions over the upcoming decades, a total phase-out of the country’s main climate culprit still seems far off. A report from Germany’s biggest coal battleground.Germany’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction plans are facing a major obstacle: an apparent addiction to coal. Germany has committed to reducing greenhouse gas …

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Charcoal production in Egypt

At the completion of the process, tar composes nearly 30% of the charcoal’s weight, while the proportion of carbon is fixed at about 75%, the normal percentage for commercial coal

Mohamed Omar