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Latest in Tag: Colombia

In Colombia, locals fight to save a unique, disappearing habitat

Millions of people living along the Rio Magdalena are feeling the sting of climate change, as fish stocks — and the river itself — dries up. But they’re taking action to preserve their unique landscape and way of life.Project goal: Helping wetland communities living along Colombia's most important river adapt to climate change Project implementation: …

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Can bird watching help save Colombia’s forests?

Colombia teems with birds, but until recently fighting between the government and guerilla groups scared visitors away. Now, former war zones are fast becoming bird-watching hotspots. And that could help preserve them.Until recently, the Farallones National Park was a key hideout for Colombia’s FARC rebels. But as the guns fall silent and Colombia transitions out …

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Japan topple ten-man Colombia in Group H upset

Bundesliga duo Shinji Kagawa and Yuya Osako both got themselves on the scoresheet as Japan triumphed over ten-man Colombia. They become the first Asian team to ever beat a South American side at the World Cup.Japan became the first Asian team to ever beat a South American side at the World Cup as they picked …

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Colombia to become a member of the OECD international economic organization

Colombia is set to be the third Latin American country in the Paris-based economic group. President Juan Manuel Santos praised the membership as key to the country’s efforts to modernize.The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced on Friday that Colombia would be officially invited to join the group. The Paris-based economic organization was …

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Peace, plants and hip-hop in Colombia

In the conflict-ravaged Colombian city of Medellin, rappers have taken up urban farming to nourish their community and plant the seeds of peace.With big Creole earrings, a bandana, and the crotch of his trousers hanging between his knees, Luis Fernando Alvarez looks more like a rapper than a farmer. Actually, he’s both. Luis, or “El …

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Hopes for a tourism boom in Colombia

The end of violent conflict in the Latin American country is enabling people to plan for the future. Entrepreneurs like Migele Cinque see their chances of doing good business rising, and are investing in tourism.You have to be slightly crazy to build a ten-story hotel with 60 rooms here. Migele Cinque stands in its unfinished …

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Rediscovering Colombia without war

3.5 million tourists in 2016: since Colombia has taken first steps on the road to peace, the home of world famous Latin American writer Gabriel García Márquez is becoming increasingly attractive as a travel destination.There used to be a time when heavily armed paramilitary suddenly appeared and collected $10 per person. “We’ll make sure that …

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Colombian artist hits 80 with no plans to retire

By Philippe Zygel / AFP As he plans to celebrate his 80th birthday in his native Colombia this week, painter and sculptor Fernando Botero says the idea of retiring his paintbrush frightens him even more than death. More than 3,000 paintings and 300 sculptures are still not enough for one of the world’s most famous …


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