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Inkrypt: Stepping into colour bonds

“They are little pieces of art that break my heart to part with, but it makes me happy knowing that the person wearing them will smile every time they look down at their feet,” says designer

Nayera Yasser


Handcrafting Ramadan

  Sunrays filter through rows of glass Ramadan lanterns, spraying colour over the narrow alley in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar. People view the displayed lanterns with admiration as they walk by, but only a few negotiations with shop owners end in a sale. Using Lanterns in Ramadan celebrations is a tradition that goes back to the Fatimid …

Marwa Morgan

Hijab fashion in Egypt: a classical wrap or a trendy “Spanish”?

The hijab fashion in Egypt has been changing rapidly over the last ten years. Although the Spanish style veil has emerged five years ago, a newer and faster “Spanish” is getting simpler and looser now. Some argue that the traditional hijab, despite the new florescent colours, will soon fade out in Egypt.

Ethar Shalaby

Colours of Ramadan

Using the distinctive patterns used in the traditional khaima, tent, the material is available during Ramadan in a variety of colours, from the classic red with blue and green, to different shades of one single colour.

Daily News Egypt

Cairo skies

Military aircrafts drew different colourful shapes in the sky, sending messages to the protesting public

Daily News Egypt

A selection of Boho's range

Skulls, buddhas and gargoyles

I decided on a few designs and worked closely with a sculptor to produce silicon moulds that allowed me to create different and detailed candles. I tried a variety of colours and not long after that the brightly coloured Buddha candles came out.

Adel Heine

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