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Op-Eds discuss the Judiciary reform project

The issue of reforming Egypt’s Judiciary is on the mind of many columnists in today’s papers. The project for reforming the Judiciary was submitted to the Shura Council on Wednesday 17 April, followed by a protest on Friday 19 April demanding the same thing, which was called for by the Muslim Brotherhood. On the Judiciary …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

How the prosecution has helped Bassem Youssef

By Nick Gjorvad It is rare to hear someone say that a court summons could be viewed in a positive light.  However, Bassem Youssef’s recent interrogation by Egypt’s Prosecutor General’s Office may bring with it some benefits for his cause.  Youssef’s satirical television show has criticised several political figures for quite some time, especially Islamists …

Daily News Egypt

Short Messages

Sometimes short and straightforward messages are more understandable and effective than long analytical ones. It can’t hurt if we try. President Mohamed Morsi: It is not a matter of who you are; we oppose you because of what you have become. There are millions who did not vote for you and even more millions who …

Ziad A. Akl

On the youth and the revolution

For many, the early days of the revolution served as a political coming-out for a number of underground organisations, some weak, others strong, and individuals, all out to prove their revolutionary worth and zeal. Hailing almost exclusively from the country’s middle and upper middle class youth, from within the ranks of these revolutionaries quickly emerged …

Farid Zahran

Quo vadis, baby?

When I was but a wee lad, I spent my summers in Alexandria, and most of that time at the Alexandria Sporting Club (women’s and men’s basketball champions of Egypt, incidentally). Back then I was active and physically fit; nowadays, my only form of exercise is trying to catch the cats as they dart out …

Daily News Egypt

Choking up

By Philip Whitfield Notice the traffic? Given up going out? Carrying a doggy bag on the shopping run? Good news. Nobody will be able to afford to drive soon. Everyone’s money will be spent paying the gas bill and keeping cool in ice baths. Who dares flick on the air-con? Bit chilly? Snuggle up in …

Daily News Egypt

Morsi’s fake election

Mohamed Morsi is indeed full of surprises. Ever since Morsi took office, he has never ceased to present us Egyptians with surprising decisions that make us wonder how, why, and for what purpose these decisions were made in the first place. Decisions like calling the dissolved Parliament back to session, applying new taxes which were …

Ziad A. Akl

Review: Commentaries ask if opposition is ready for elections

Writers in Egyptian newspapers have explored a variety of topics recently. Some writers questioned the opposition’s readiness to compete against the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Others chide the independent and opposition media for failing to provide a fair coverage of the 12th session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is …

Daily News Egypt

Fighting for inclusion

A few weeks ago I was invited to a UNDP-sponsored forum on “women’s participation in post-revolutionary parliamentary elections.” Policy makers, legislators and opinion leaders from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia had gathered to share their experiences in legislative elections held following the mass uprisings in their countries and discuss ways of ensuring increased participation of women …

Shahira Amin

Most read columns in 2012

Daily News Egypt would like to thank contributors to the Commentary page who provided us and our readers with insight, analysis, hope and in some cases laughter to pull us through the stressful times

Daily News Egypt

It’s the harasser who’s responsible for harassment in Islamic Law

By Musa Furber “Oppressing women and justifying it using Shari’a is more offensive to our Prophet than a cheap film.” Al-Habib ‘Ali al-Jifri Fear of sexual harassment is a fact of life for women in Egypt. Many have posited that women themselves should bear responsibility for such harassment, with even seemingly religious arguments being deployed …

Fady Salah

Review: Columnists weigh in on referendum

As Egyptians lined up to cast their vote on the constitution Saturday, columnists were divided. Although some argued that voting for the constitution would lead to more stability and would grant citizens more state support, the majority considered the constitution and the referendum unsatisfactory.   Mohamed Amin Do you want to go to heaven? Al-Masry …

Fady Salah

Hamstrung, humbug and hubris

By Philip Whitfield Cairo: Sheep steal elections. But you tempt fate pulling the wool over voters’ eyes.   War is not receding in the Middle East. It is building to a crescendo US secretary of state (2005 to 2009) Condoleezza Rice writes in the Washington Post. Her clarion call is trumpeted by the Tahrir Square …

Fady Salah

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