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Latest in Tag: Constituent Assembly

Adel El Adawy

An Authoritarian Relapse?

The current circumstances under which the constitution is being drafted does not represent the ideals nor values embodied by the January 25th Revolution.

Daily News Egypt

Criminal networks traffic people to Egyptian households who demand their labour AFP Photo

Trafficking in lies

Salafi MPs have excluded an article from the draft constitution by claiming human trafficking does not exist, the evidence suggests otherwise

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: State Council adjourns the case on constituent assembly

The Administrative Judiciary Court adjourned the case calling for the assembly’s dissolution to 23 October and reserved the session for a verdict. A Muslim Brotherhood affiliated lawyer had to be escorted out of the courthouse by police after he went on a 10 minute outburst and insulted the judge, calling him biased and a traitor …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Columnists debate Al-Nour clashes, Constituent Assembly members and Sinai

Columnists explore the continuing internal dispute splitting the Salafi Al-Nour party. Others dedicate their columns to Sinai and the suggested idea of arming tribes to safeguard the peninsula. On another note, some commentaries have discussed the growing debate on the Constituent Assembly and its membership, focusing on the five members who resumed their roles within …

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