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Constitutional declaration

If the People‚Äôs Assembly is dissolved, the president swears the oath in front of the General Assembly of the Supreme Constitutional Court. SCAF is the body responsible for all decisions related to the armed. The council‚Äôs head holds all powers held by the General Commander of the Armed Forces and the Defence Minister. The president …

Ahmed Aboulenein

Decree expands SCAF authority and curbs president’s remit over defence

The country‚Äôs ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) has issued a ‚Äėcomplimentary constitutional declaration‚Äô late on Sunday, only hours after initial results of the runoff round of presidential elections started coming in. The declaration outlines the powers of the next president and sets up how the anticipated new constitution is to be drafted and …

Ahmed Aboulenein

In advance of handover of power military delineates scope of influence

  Late on Monday evening the Supreme Council of Armed Forces delivered three statements containing decrees that delineate the scope of their authority following the handover of power to the President. At the time of printing they had not yet been published in the official state papers. Chief among the new articles is the creation …

Maryam Ishani

Brotherhood yet to decide on July 29 protests, says deputy head

By¬†Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: While the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) said it rejects the “manifesto of supra-constitutional principles,” it is yet to decide on joining the protests scheduled for July 29 against the manifesto, said deputy group head Rashad Bayoumy on Thursday. “Whether we participate in the demonstrations or not, we totally reject the move,” Bayoumy told …


National Council to hold conference to unify bills of constitutional principles

By¬†Tamim Elyan CAIRO: The National Council is set to hold a conference Tuesday with the participation of political powers and experts to unify proposed bills of constitutional principles in one document to be presented to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The conference will discuss seven bills presented by presidential hopefuls Mohamed ElBaradei and …


Opposition up in arms against constitutional decree

By¬†Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Opposition groups criticized the constitutional decree announced Wednesday by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), stressing that it should have been put to a public referendum for approval. The SCAF was expected to announce the decree at least one week ago, but media leaks suggested that there was controversy over …


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