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D-CAF and the Downtown culture revival

By Maha ElNabawi Since the Jan. 25 uprising, Downtown Cairo has been the stage for some of the greatest acts of protest in modern Egyptian history. And while the once burgeoning opposition movement has been diminished to a near memory, the iconic neo-classical buildings and artistic aura continue to inspire Egyptian culture and forward thinking. Thursday …


‘Tank Girl’: A failed, tired exercise in shock tactics

By Mariam Hamdy Currently showing at Misr Gallery in Zamalek is the much anticipated, hugely buzzed about exhibit “Tank Girl” by Nadine Hammam. Art lovers were looking forward to the usually controversial works of Hammam, particularly in light of the liberal versus conservative discourse that has preoccupied intellectual circuits. Few exhibits of late have created the …


Fluxus in Giza: Rana ElNemr and explorations of process

By Marie-Jeanne Berger “I see long streams, which are heavy, strong, dark and constant … I find them abstract, and rather incomprehensible, flowing recklessly most of the times. I call them ‘currents.’ And I see finer streams. They are shorter in length and momentary in nature, but they come in greater numbers and they carry music, …


Egypt from an inventively surrealistic prism

Unlike the case in every other art discipline in the country, it has so far been a great year for the visual arts. With every new exhibition opening, established artists are making incredible comebacks, practicing artists are presenting excellent work, and young talents are having strong debuts. It’s usually the case that art fares well …


Ganzeer: The de facto cultural operator

By Heba Elkayal He is by nature endearing, a skinny lanky frame with a mop of black curls and a smile curled in constant, yet secretive, amusement. Ganzeer, an artist in his mid-twenties whose birth name is Mohamed Fahmy has become a de facto cultural operator. Just don’t call him a street artist. Ganzeer is his …


An Egyptian artist’s new dynamics

By Heba Elkayal Once a practicing dermatologist, Khaled Hafez is now primarily a painter, and informally, a sentinel of the Egyptian art scene. His artwork has garnered him much attention in international art biennales such as Singapore and Dakar, in prominent art fairs such as Art Dubai and in art festivals such as the recent Shubbak …


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